Delayed Shipments: November 2014 – January 2015

Starting in November 2014, we started noticing tracking numbers for orders shipped to the United States weren’t functioning and there seemed to be unexplainable delays. Many tracking updates simply were stuck at “Origin Post Preparing Shipment’. We began to worked closely with our partners at the Moroccan Post Office to troubleshoot what exactly was happening. Last week, with two months of tracking data, we started to look for any trends that might explain what was happening.

What we found was about 20% of the Anou community’s orders were delayed between November 1st 2014 and January 30th 2015. All the affected orders were shipped from the Morocco Post’s distribution center (in Casablanca) to the USPS’ distribution center in New York (USPS) around the following dates: December 11th, 24th and January 13th, 19th, and the 26th. The Moroccan Post confirmed that the items were shipped from Morocco and we were able to cross verify that these items were shipped from Morocco because items shipped to other countries on those dates successfully tracked and arrived.

After a little more research, we found out that the USPS distribution center was affected by weather on the dates where items were last tracked. This created massive backlogs that the USPS hasn’t yet recovered from. This means that the affected items are sitting at the USPS distribution center in New York and will not be shipped until the USPS can clear the backlog.

We’re working with the Moroccan Post to find out when the USPS will ship these items, but as of right now, we simply do not know. We’ll keep an eye on any affected orders and alert you when any of them start to move again.  If your item arrives, please let us know as soon as possible and the date that it did arrive. While we believe it is highly unlikely that the USPS will lose the shipments, we will provide you with a full refund if the items do in fact end up lost.

We’re very sorry for the this delay and that your order was affected. We hope that in the future we’ll be able to anticipate when these problems occur.

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