The Anou Community Now Ships With DHL Express!

dhlIt goes without saying that the logistics of enabling a community of hundreds of artisans to ship from medinas of the imperial cities or from villages in the Atlas mountains directly to your door are incredibly complicated.

Over the past several years, we’ve learned a lot to ensure that your orders arrive as affordably, safely and quickly as possible even in the most difficult conditions. During this time we’ve learned obvious truths like fragile things can and will break in the mail. And as a result, we’ve adapted to these challenges like making sure artisans are better trained in packaging and ensuring customers are promptly refunded if their orders are damaged.

But we’ve also learned some not so obvious truths that are much more difficult to solve. Like the United States Postal Service, which delivers all our shipments in the United States. At the beginning of this year, winter storms paralyzed USPS’ distribution facilities affecting over 30% of the community’s orders to the US. Nearly $2,000 in product was lost and many shipments arrived over four months late. Meanwhile, the Moroccan Post dealt with similarly large storms and flash flooding, and yet they did not lose a single shipment. If we could not fix the problem of the USPS, which was then processing over 70% of our orders, it would likely put Anou out of business.

As a result, last summer we began discussing potential solutions with DHL in Morocco. Excitingly, over the summer we had artisans send some of their shipments from their village, via the Moroccan Post to a regional DHL distribution center. The initial tests were promising as the shipping times dropped from the average of 3-5 weeks with the USPS to 5-14 days with DHL. Best part? We were able to negotiate unique rates for the Anou community that are cheaper than the rates provided by the USPS and the Moroccan Post.

So now we’re excited to announce all orders that weigh more than 5 kilograms will automatically be shipped to you via DHL at no extra cost if you are in the United States or Europe. For our customers in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, we will also have your orders shipped via DHL, but as always there might be a little extra cost to cover that extra distance. If the item is below 5 kilograms (11 pounds), you can have items shipped standard or pay a little extra for DHL express shipping.

We’re still compiling data to create accurate delivery estimates, but it will likely take around 10 days for shipments to arrive at your address, regardless of where you live in the world.

If you want to know if a product you’re interested in will qualify for DHL Express shipping, or if artisans can ship to your country, or if you have any questions regarding shipping at all, just reach out to us at!

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