Car Bumper or a Book Shelf?

Right when we think we got everything figured out, Morocco always throws us a curve ball. Last month, we had an artisan call in and say that the post office charged them almost double for shipping.

Normally, price discrepancies happen when artisans guesstimate the weight, but this never causes prices to double. We ruled out every valid reason why the post office could have accidentally charged such a high rate. We simply couldn’t figure out the problem.  That is until the rug the artisan sent arrived in the states.

The customer wrote to us saying they loved their rug but they were confused as to why package included this:

photo (4)

This happened about a month ago and we still can’t figure out what it is. We’ve wavered between a part of a car bumper or a piece of a bookshelf. Your guess is as good as ours.

We started investigating and found out that the post office required the artisan to include the metal object in their package. We also learned that another artisan had the same problem and they didn’t mention this to us either. So far, one customer received a free tagine, a second customer received bars of argan soap, and the third customer got a car bumper. Oh, Morocco.

One of these post offices we’ve already flagged for corrupt practices and we’re still looking into the second post office. Regardless, we still can’t figure out if this is a way to skim money from the artisan or if the post office just doesn’t have a clue.

Artisans are now aware that they don’t have to add anything to their packages but in the rare case you find something extra, give us a shout!

2 thoughts on “Car Bumper or a Book Shelf?

  1. Good idea to post this issue. Unfortunately the “car bumper” also tore open part of the box. Good to see you are “on it!”

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