Big Changes

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially transitioned from Anou’s prototype website and pushed products and operations over to an entirely new site now available at

This change is the result of many hours of hard work transforming Anou to make it easier for artisans to sell their work independently online. These efforts were led by Tom Counsell, Anou’s Technical Director as together we reimagined the Anou platform.

Many of the changes in our latest release are found on the artisan side of Anou. We’ve taken the countless hours spent observing artisans on the prototype site and created an experience that even illiterate artisans can master in a short period of time. We’ve done this by blending culturally responsive design with advanced web development practices so our platform can succeed on the oldest internet browsers in local internet cybers and outdated versions of Android that power an increasing amount of phones across Morocco. We are now proud to report that Anou works practically anywhere and on any device that Moroccan artisans have access to.

We’ve also made many changes to the customer side of Anou as well. We’ve listened to a lot of feedback from our customers and created a new way to search through the products on the site, eliminated the need for customer accounts and also enhanced the site with responsive design so that it works on your computers, tablets and smartphones.

While we are excited about these changes, we are even more excited about the new changes we have in the works for future releases.  When these changes are introduced on the site, we’ll be sure to announce them here on our blog.

Please let us know what you think by sending us feedback at and we’ll do everything we can to incorporate the best ideas.

Thanks for your support as we continue to empower artisans to sell independently.


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